Transitioning from development to operations is a quick yet complex process.

Those complexities can lead to significant bottlenecks, even for the most well-equipped management teams.

Falling just one step behind in building system maintenance during the initial months is enough to create additional challenges as you play catch-up and implement temporary measures to handle unexpected maintenance problems.

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Soft Landings Service
Soft Landings Service


Unidentified Assets

It’s impossible to manage systems correctly if you’re unaware of them

Invalidated Warranties

You’re bound to run into a brick wall when chasing warranty coverage after a takeover

Poorly designed equipment

If the equipment isn’t optimal for the site, it’ll need replacing

Key assets that haven’t been maintained

Systems like generators and water tanks need regular inspections to ensure they meet compliance and remain fully operational

Statutory non-compliance

Most buildings have statutory compliance hurdles, which can be missed without the correct oversight

Overpriced or poorly written service contracts

Standard service contracts from providers vary and typically don’t contain warranty support, key performance indicators or satisfactory service level agreements

Just one of these issues is enough to cause major headaches and dent operations.
Moreover, it’s not uncommon to encounter several problems at once when taking over a building.

As a result, management companies can spend significant revenue firefighting unforeseen issues. Beyond that, you’ll spend less time managing the building and helping residents.


With Fjeld Consulting’s Soft Landings Service, you can take over buildings without encountering roadblocks. Begin the process with a clear and consolidated asset register, including statutory compliance requirements and recommended scope of work, so everyone knows where they’re at.

Our enhanced mobilisation service closes the gaps on traditional mobilisation, covering asset tracking and equipment maintenance for the entire property.

Fjeld Consulting Soft Landings equips management teams with an array of tools, such as:

  • Standardized Service Agreements
  • Digital asset registers
  • Supplier maintenance asset real-time tracking (SMARTT)
  • Planned preventative maintenance contracts with competitive rates purchased with our bulk buying power
  • Enhances service level agreements and KPIs to monitor and manage vendor performance
  • Property portal and business intelligence reporting
  • Digital contract database

We use our buying power, extensive experience and refined processes to ensure maximum value during the critical first years of a new development.

Additionally, Fjeld Consulting will help manage the enhanced mobilisation for the initial 12 months following handover, acting as a natural point of contact for service providers and management personnel. As a result, the process stays on track and runs smoothly.



  • Collect client contract entity, contact information for key decision makers, site data and preliminary budgetary data.
  • Agree to the Standard Service Agreement
  • Agree to scopes of work (e.g. SFG20 Best Practice or
    statutory only)
  • Gather warranty dates and/or defects and liability dates
  • Ensure O&M manuals are ready and available for asset register creation
  • Agree on SLAs and KPIs


Weeks 1-4

  • Create and deliver the asset register; assets tagged, floorplan summaries and data uploaded to the SMARTT app (if required)
  • Create and agree on Scopes of Work

Weeks 4-8

  • Market-test vendor engagement
  • Collect NDAs and Pre-qualification status
  • Approve and finalise participant vendors once documentation is collected

Weeks 8-12

FM Tender Stage
  • Send bid documentation out to vendors for completion
  • Schedule any required site visits

Weeks 13-14

  • Conduct vendor interviews and bid evaluations

Week 15

  • Complete a qualitative and quantitative assessment of returned bids
  • Cross-check with operational budget projections
  • Make final vendor recommendations

Weeks 16-18

  • Execute and mobilise new contracts
  • Manage old vendor relations and send termination/rejection letters

Weeks 19-52

Ongoing Vendor Relationship Management
  • Vendor and client access to the regularly maintained reporting portal
  • Track and maintain all comprehensive third-party reports
  • Establish and monitor new quarterly KPIs for vendors
  • Manage all new vendor relationships and escalations
  • Layer in Soft FM Services if required (e.g. Common area cleaning, landscaping)

What our clients say

Fjeld Consulting goes above and beyond for me, solving latent defects that I couldn’t do alone.

I’m budgeting the Soft Landings package into all of our start-up budgets now!

Director of Operations, Outpost Management