Keeping costs down across your portfolio requires a thorough understanding of the industry, especially in the build-to-rent sector, which is still in its infancy in the UK

At Field Consulting, we leverage buying power and offer favourable cost savings by centralising your purchasing plans. Our proprietary approach trims the entire service, improves processes, and saves costs across the board.

What we do

Collect and process any available service contracts concurrently with building a financial analysis. This data collection determines the opportunities immediately available for tender and allows careful planning for tendering services that are currently locked into agreements.

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Procurement lots are groups of equipment consisting of certain building systems. Our standardised Procurement Lots are as follows:

Procurement LotTypical Assets
Access ControlGates, turnstiles, revolving doors, vehicle gates, room locks, push-to-exit buttons.
BMSBMS, sensors, controls
Electrical systems maintenanceElectrical controls, lighting controls, PAT testing, 5-year fixed wire testing, lightning protection.
Energy generationCHP, generators, solar panels, biomass.
Fire and life safetyRisers, sprinklers, fire curtains, extinguishers, AOV, fire panels, alarms, detectors.
High-level accessBMW, cradle, ladders, abseil points, guardrails, mansafe, eyebolts.
Lift maintenanceLifts, platform lifts, bike lifts, bin lifts.
Mechanical systems maintenanceBoilers, HVAC, expansion valves, radiators, water pipes, ventilation, pumps, cooling, refrigeration, sump pumps, macerators.
Security systems maintenanceDoor and intruder alarms, security system, cameras, DVR, intercoms, intercom systems.
Water hygieneTanks, calorifiers.

This approach standardises spending across your portfolio while minimising the vendor base and reducing subcontracting.

Fjeld clients achieve 25-30% expense savings in the areas we cover and benefit from standardised processes and centralised reporting for free.

Asset Register Service

An accurate asset register lays the foundation for all maintenance and statutory compliance, as well as keeping your property equipment optimally operational.

How it works
  • Our Asset Register creation process identifies and tags major building system assets
  • The project includes a thorough visual inspection or survey of each property
  • Data collected is provided in the format of the “Fjeld Asset Register App”
  • The data is compiled from verified asset data and references an Asset Tag (barcode) attached to each asset, group or asset or system

SMARTT Asset Tracking

The Supplier Maintenance Asset Real-Time Tracking (SMARTT) app is our branded supplier CAFM system. It makes asset tracking painless.

How it works
  • Asks third-party contractors to log their visits so we can link data to specific assets for seamless tracking and reporting
  • Your team accesses this data reporting at its convenience and gains valuable insights.

Project plans take approximately 24 weeks to complete.


Week 1-8

  • Collect and collate key client information, such as current service contracts, service providers, relevant service dates and financial records
  • Asset register creation and delivery, including assets tagged, floor summaries and data to SMARTT app
  • Financial analysis, including the re-mapping of current spending into our predefined procurement lots
  • Establishment of a standard service agreement and documenting desired scopes of work, SLA and KPI terms
  • Complete entry of available service contracts into BI contracts portal Create a contract or service gap analysis
  • Comparison of current spend to market spend by Procurement Lot
  • Formal tender plan

Week 9-16

  • Agree on the tender plan
  • Establish all stage one FM tender documents and list of vendors who will be invited to participate
  • Create interest for vendors, then gather NDAs and pre-qualification status
  • Prepare all stage two FM tender documents and manage the list of active participants

Week 17-24

  • Execute stage two FM tender, send and receive all documents, analyse returns, interview vendors, score and rank vendors and provide recommendations
  • Complete service contracts with winning participants
  • Submit any necessary credit applications for procurement
Ongoing reporting and escalations

Ongoing reporting and escalations

After the first year anniversary of our project, ongoing reporting can be purchased. This includes contract reporting, all third-party reporting, vendor visit logs and SMARTT.

Set your properties up for long-term operational excellence and get started with Centralised Procurement.

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