Our team has decades of experience in the property management industry in both the US and the UK.

We feel that we are uniquely positioned to strategically assist you with your additional income goals.

We tap into our strategic procurement experience and national vendor base to leverage industry scale and create layers of ancillary income for your properties.

The beauty of our Ancillary Income structure is that if we don’t have a win, we don’t charge a fee. This is truly a results-driven service wherein we are motivated to obtain you the best deals possible.

It’s a win-win-win situation: a win for you, a win for us, and a win for your residents.

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Rebate Agreements

Creativity and skilled negotiating go a long way in building lasting partnerships with providers, and result in beneficial terms for the buyer. Fjeld Consulting has two decades of experience in leveraging purchasing power to secure procurement discounts and rebate programs that will add value to the overall platform. Rebates have been arranged from various major product providers.

Concierge Services

Dry cleaning, unit cleans, guest services, move-in essentials, relocation assistance, printing, and shipping/storage. We have negotiated a revenue share agreement with a concierge service provider to provide a list of services that can be tailored to the needs of the customer it would be serving. An app can be white-labeled with the service, which results in higher levels of customer engagement and service orders.

Utility Marketing / Void Management

Service providers will pay for your void units. They will manage council tax coordination and pay referral fees just to be the incumbent provider for your next move-in. Being the incumbent gives the utility provider an 80% success rate at being the next provider and they are willing to pay for those odds.

Debt Collection

We have partnerships with third-party debt collectors that in aggregation with our reporting /management. process can help you increase bad debt collection rates.

Wi-Fi & Sky Marketing

Marketing third-party services is a great way to provide customer choice and produce additional revenues. Our form of agreements ensures you get free service for your staff & guests plus strong Service Level Agreements that ensure your brand reputation.

Parking Management

Patrols, ticketing, pay station and selling unused parking spots by the hour are all income-providing opportunities on which we can capitalize.


Proper/thoughtful vending is a great way to provide customer satisfaction and produce additional revenues. We have sourced different types and levels of vending programs that will look to meet the needs of your customers to best produce ideal results.

Ancillary Income

We are available to discuss proposal further at your convenience. We are ready and willing to offer our services in order to be a valued procurement partner to you. Additional project requests are welcome at any time.

We always strive to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients and the property management industry as a whole. The Fjeld Consulting team is ready to bring that energy to your company in order to facilitate your Ancillary Income goals and ensure long-lasting success.