Our Services

Our Services

We can optimise every facet of your property strategy

Our holistic approach can significantly enhance your portfolio’s value & profitability.

Our holistic approach can significantly enhance your portfolio’s value & profitability.

At Fjeld Consulting, we understand that every residential property is unique, and that’s why our approach is always tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of experts is committed to optimising your operations, boosting profitability, and enhancing the quality of services offered to your residents.

Our services include Centralising Purchasing, where we use a proprietary approach to streamline the entire service and save costs, adding Ancillary Income to increase profits, and providing Bespoke Solutions for buildings.

our services
our services

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Ancillary income

We generate new income streams for your properties with referral agreements, rebate agreements, residential billings and by upselling concierge-style services. Unlock untapped revenue in your market and increase profits in your buildings.

Centralised Procurement

Our core service involves leveraging buying power and offering favourable cost savings by centralising your purchasing. We use a proprietary approach to streamline the entire service, improve processes and save costs across the board.

Soft Landings Service

Transitioning from development to operations is a swift but complex process, prone to bottlenecks for well-equipped management teams. Falling behind in initial system maintenance can lead to added challenges, necessitating catch-up and temporary solutions for unexpected issues.

Ops Ready Service

Taking over a property with suboptimal data and limited reporting availability can highlight several pain points. Even the best management teams are coming up against roadblocks if they don’t have the necessary information to make intelligent decisions to maximise a building’s capabilities.

change your managing agent


With Fjeld Consulting, changing your managing agent becomes a well-organized and hassle-free experience. Trust us to handle the process, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of life

bespoke services

Bespoke Services

Through technology, we offer tailored solutions to your property’s needs. Whether you require a dedicated parcel space in your building, an app to track cleaning or would like to keep on top of contracts, our innovative measures can streamline processes and save employee time.

What our clients say

I have worked with Fjeld Consulting for over 4 years. As well as providing on-going cost optimisation, procurement and tendering support, during that time, Fjeld have supported on the elements of the operationalisation of new acquisitions and developments. They have also driven a number of value add opportunities, including ancillary income growth. “

Fjeld Consulting are an extremely committed group with a value add mindset. Dustin as a person is trustworthy, decent, and always on hand if you have a question or need a quick reaction. He completely gets value add property operations and their potential positive impact. During his time supporting Greystar, Dustin has won many advocates, who enjoy his positive, aspirational attitude; striving to really understand and help move the company forward.

Dustin is a real pleasure to work with, and has my recommendation

Senior Director Operations, GreyStar

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