Keep it Clean – Why Student Accommodation Needs a Cleaning App

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Cleaning up your cleaning

Now, let’s get one thing clear: we’re not suggesting that students are messier than your average resident. We’ll let you be the judge of that. What we do know, though, is that turnover in student properties – especially between academic years – is utterly hectic. PBSA sites find themselves at max capacity trying to complete the processes of move out and check in.

One very important aspect of this is professional cleaning. First impressions last. That initial moment a resident steps through the door of their new home, full of a blend of excitement and nerves only to discover the room has been missed and is still full of the previous student’s grime, will set the tone for the rest of their experience.

Your teams have been working hard prepping for this, are weary and are busy enough with multiple check ins without tearful or angry complaints that a unit has been omitted from the deep clean.

Arranging cleans for units is time-consuming and tracking them is even more chaotic. So how do you fix the problem?

The answer lies in a cleaning tracking app, and we’ve got all you need to know about using one at your student accommodation.


The pitfalls of cleaning

Professional cleaning is arguably one of the most critical parts of the turnaround process. But how do you keep on top of it?

With the increased number of summer bookings and 51-week leases the pressure on cleaners and property staff in that short window before the new intake of students is immense. Everyone wants to ensure moving into that fresh, sparkly new pad is all part of the experience, but rooms can slip through the cracks.

Issues around tracking cleaning

Keeping track of professional cleaning at a student property is tricky. You’re potentially tracking hundreds of units simultaneously, with tight turnaround times. Without a failsafe process in place, it can end up being a recipe for disaster.

Many processes are still manual and rely on individuals to construct and update multiple excel sheets that keep track of hundreds of units. With this method, it’s understandable that problems to arise, and a few apartments end up missing from the list. Is that costing you a few rebookers?

You’re left with a mishmash of units, some which have been cleaned and others that haven’t. In most cases, being in charge of the cleaning process is just one of a team member’s many jobs. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to think they could do with some help.


A tech-led solution

Real estate technology is advancing, and fast. Whether it’s developers using appraisal apps to work out their costs or renters using an app to manage their homes, every stakeholder in the buying and renting process, from construction to tenants and homeowners, relies more on technology.

And why wouldn’t they? Technology is entrenched in virtually every aspect of our lives, from ordering food and streaming entertainment to managing our finances. And it’s no different for your staff, who can use technology to better manage processes such as end of tenancy cleaning.

Relying on a custom-built app designed to manage the cleaning processes eliminates many issues around mass cleaning and general cleaning appointments. The margin for error reduces significantly.


A cleaning app for student accommodation

We’ve built a cleaning tracking app for student properties so you can keep track of every unit. So far, companies such as Greystar have benefited from implementing our cleaning app. They now have total oversight on which units have been cleaned, when they are completed and who performed each clean and each approval action. It allows for more transparency and better decisions regarding arranging early move-ins and site tours.

A staff member also signs off on every job, so there’s complete accountability and reduction of usual pain points like double billing. The app also provides easy-to-follow data summaries for all your properties, allowing you to compare expected costs versus actual hours spent per unit.


Spick n span

Remove the messy manual process from your management team and automate everything for easier turnarounds. Staff have more transparency over the entire process and can ensure that properties are freshly cleaned and ready for new tenants.

Get in touch and learn more about how Fjeld Consulting helps with your property cleaning.

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