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Even after so much time has passed, COVID-19 is still causing issues across the UK. The effects of the virus have hit the workplace hard, and millions of employees are now doing their jobs from home. However, a great deal of the UK’s workforce needs to be on-site to get their jobs done.

Supermarket staff, care home workers and anyone working in transport are just a small handful of the people who potentially come into contact with the virus every day.

Businesses with over 50 employees are being urged by the Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock to offer staff regular workplace COVID-19 testing to save lives and protect the NHS. With Testrak, you can provide your workers with that higher level of security while keeping control of the virus in-house.

What is Testrak & How Does it Work?

Despite the ongoing vaccination programme, COVID-19 won’t be going away anytime soon. It’s also important to remember that vaccines do not offer 100% protection, and regular testing will continue to play a huge part in tackling the virus.

Testrak, a prop-tech solution by Fjeld Consulting is an independent test and trace system designed to help businesses monitor the spread of the virus among their own staff.

Before starting their shifts, employees will provide a designated company representative with a swab from their nose, mouth or throat. Using the workplace COVID-19 testing kit supplied, your representative will then test the sample.

Results come through within 15 minutes. The testing cassette will clearly indicate whether the outcome is positive, negative or inconclusive to make things straightforward for the administrator.

Once the results have come through, the data should be entered into a preloaded database, containing employee information, the initial test count and the company branch. The outcome is then emailed to a technician, so the results can be used for RAMS compliance.

Why Should You Use Testrak?

Companies up and down the UK are being urged to normalise mass workplace COVID-19 testing practises. Testrak provides you with an easy way to monitor for the virus, keeping your staff safe.

While there are free NHS tests available, the test centres are often packed, which means waiting around in long queues in close proximity to a lot of people. It can also take up to three days for results to come back. In the time between the test and the results, they may have come into contact with the virus, making the whole test pointless.

With Testrak, you’re offering your employees a sense of wellbeing. Every time they go to work, they’re taking a risk, and they should feel as though their employers are taking measures to protect staff and their families.

It also gives you peace of mind. By testing your staff before they enter the building, you greatly reduce the risk of one person infecting your entire team. With the tracking database, you’ll also be able to see if a positive result is an isolated incident or something that’s affecting your wider team.

Find Out if Testrak’s Workplace COVID-19 Testing Solution is Right For You

Keeping on top of the outbreak has been a huge challenge for everyone. Businesses have felt this impact greatly, and so have individual employees.

In an effort to improve health and safety at work while also trying to bring some sense of normality back to the working day, Testrak can provide you with everything you need to safely conduct workplace COVID-19 testing, and to track the results.

For more information on how we can help, make sure to get in touch with our team.

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