Value Creation Specialists for the Residential Sector

Value Creation Specialists for the Residential Sector

We enhance BTR, PRS, and PBSA through comprehensive enhancements, encompassing centralisation of the purchasing process, integration of supplementary income sources, facilitation of cost savings, and tailored solutions crafted for your properties.

We craft the solutions that work for your business.

We craft the solutions that work for your business.

With more than 25 years of experience in the US and UK residential markets, Fjeld Consulting has excelled in building clean, value-enhancing procurement processes before handing them over to internal teams.

From centralising purchasing to adding ancillary income and providing bespoke solutions for buildings, we service the residential sector to help you save and create additional income while improving services.

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Ancillary income

We generate new income streams for your properties with referral agreements, rebate agreements, residential billings and by upselling concierge-style services. Unlock untapped revenue in your market and increase profits in your buildings.

Centralised procurement

Our core service involves leveraging buying power and offering favourable cost savings by centralising your purchasing. We use a proprietary approach to streamline the entire service, improve processes and save costs across the board.

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Bespoke solutions

Through technology, we offer tailored solutions to your property’s needs. Whether you require a dedicated parcel space in your building, an app to track cleaning or would like to keep on top of contracts, our innovative measures can streamline processes and save employee time.

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The proactive management of asset expenses is key to ensuring the success of our platform as it scales. Documenting and digitising our core contracts has enabled us to compare and contrast with ease, then with Fjeld’s assistance, renegotiate our contract expenses in a consistent format. Fjeld’s digital contracts database and their market perspective of key supplier data is central to our decision-making.

I have their team on speed dial!

Managing Director of Operating Platforms, Round Hill Capital